A Teacher in Japan Makes Beautiful Anime Illustrations on a Chalkboard for Enthusiastic Students

A teacher in Japan has used inspiration from the My Hero Academia series to encourage students who are struggling hard at one of the most anticipated events for students each year, namely sports days or school sports festivals.
明日は体育祭本番!優勝目指して頑張るぞ!!#黒板アート#僕のヒーローアカデミア #緑谷出久 pic.twitter.com/2o4HNqjK3C
— nao@黒タマの人 (@SwEnve) September 7, 2018 
For those of you who don't know, sports day is the day when children in school compete in various physical activities such as running, baton pass, three-legged race, tug of war, and more.

Teams are usually divided between classes, and competition can be very fierce! To inspire their own class, this teacher drew Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia, to cheer up their class students with the words: "We will go to victory!"

Amazingly this teacher only uses 6 types of chalk to draw Midoriya.
この6色で肌の質感、金属の光沢感を出す工程が楽しい pic.twitter.com/7BuEIOiwej
— nao@黒タマの人 (@SwEnve) September 7, 2018
Apparently the previous years, he did the same thing with different captions and images. Here is a summary.
伸びてるので過去作品を貼っておきます。インスタに載せた際に加工してしまったものしか残ってないので悪しからず・・ pic.twitter.com/szZIGc87UG
— nao@黒タマの人 (@SwEnve) September 8, 2018
"Everyone, let's collar all power! Red Team Wins !! "

Yowamushi Pedal
"Green Team, take it to the top position!"

Attack on Titan
"The Blue Team's counterattack starts now."

Kimi no Na wa
"Taking back our honor from last year, then, and then in our hearts,
And win in our hands! "
It is a picture and words that are quite inspiring! Maybe if we were a student in that class, we would definitely feel pressure to win. This picture also invites various reactions from Japanese netizens:
"I want to buy the blackboard."
"The picture is good, but the words are just as good."
"Can you be my teacher?"
"I don't want to be the child assigned to delete it."
"I think the class has won." 
source: Twitter@SwEnveMy Game News Flash