Sold 2,5 Million Copy In Short Time, AKB48's New Single Pretty Much Ends In The Trash

Idol Group AKB48 has just released their 52nd single, entitled Teacher Teacher on May 30th, but before it was released, the single was even recorded selling 2,580,513 in the pre-order system. In addition to being one of the 16-year-old Team 8 members, Yui Oguri performs for the first time as a center, it could also be because of the K-pop choreographers in this single MV, which is the first time they involve non-Japanese choreographers.

Even so, it can not be denied again, the most powerful reason for the huge amount of sales is due to a voting ticket for the 53rd AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, which is contained in every single Teacher Teacher. Each vote count will be used to rank the idol's popularity, and if they rank high, this means the more votes they need.

Therefore, hard-line fans consider their job to support their favorite idols by purchasing the vote tickets contained in the Teacher Teacher single, and of course it encourages fans to choose as many singles as they can. However, because fans who are willing to buy dozens or even hundreds of singles just need a ticket vote it, so no wonder if then there are many CD fragments that just abandoned just like that.

One day after it was officially released at a CD shop, a Twitter @ songokkun1 user on May 31st yesterday showed a lot of garbage bags full of single pieces of Teacher Teacher, all thrown into the trash can before being burned.

This led to a variety of reactions from netizens, "Can not the record company exclude CDs, and only sell tickets to vote it directly ?" said someone replies to tweet @ songokkun1. Other Twitter users also share their annoyance and say if it is one act of contempt for music.

Over the years, AKB48 has inserted vote tickets, handshake event tickets, as well as special gifts like photo pack in their single. Thanks to that, they continue to earn a lot of revenue from their physical sales, and it is common knowledge that fans will flock to buy multiple singles. Police have even arrested a 30-year-old man from Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture who has been charged with violating the waste disposal law after he dumped 585 AKB48 CDs near a mountain.

featured images: @songokkun1,@AKB48_staff Twitter