Miki Nishino Regret Exit AKB48 and Now Working As A Restaurant Officer

Idol graduation is very common in the entertainment industry, and many of them graduate because of their own decisions. There are some members who graduate and live happily, and there are also members who regret such decisions as Miki Nishino. Nishino originally joined AKB48 in July 2012 as a member of the 14th generation. She joined the group for about 5 years until graduating in March 2017.

After graduation, She tried to continue his idol career and affiliated with the company "Twin Planet Entertainment." Unfortunately, She did not earn enough money to sustain the living expenses, so she worked part-time at a BBQ restaurant.

Nishino works about 3 days a week and earns 1,000 yen per hour. She complained that she always performed at Budokan and Tokyo Dome, now she's doing handshakes with customers for free.

Miki Nishino may not be in the top rank in the AKB senbatsu, but the money she earns is high enough. In the election of the 8th senbatsu she was in 61st position.

As a member of AKB48, she lives in a nice apartment located in Shinagawa area and has no problem to pay the rent fee of 210,000 yen per month. But after graduating, Nishino must lower his standards, and currently, she lives in a room that has a rent of 80,000 yen a month.

"The bathtub in my place right now can not heat the water automatically, it sucks!"

Although she may not be satisfied with his current state of life, she at least says that she is having a good time working in a BBQ restaurant.

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source: Headlines Yahoo