Hanebad! Badminton Anime Has Released New Visual and Announced its Airing Date

In February it was announced that Kosuke Hamada manga entitled Hanebad! will be adapted into anime television series. Relating to this adaptation on Friday (01/06), the official website of the anime series has released a new visual along with the announcement of its airing date. Anime Hanebad! is scheduled to start airing on July 1, 2018, Japan time and will air on TV stations Tokyo MX, BS11, ATX and Kansai TV.

Previously, the voices of the characters have been announced, including Hitomi Ohwada as Ayano Hanesaki, Miyuri Shimabakuro as Nagisa Aragaki, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kentarou Tachibana, and Yuuna Mimura as Riko Izumi.

Hitomi Ohwada/Ayano Hanesaki
Miyuri Shimabukuro/Nagisa Aragaki
Other Voices include Konomi Kohara as Erena Fujisawa, Mikako Komatsu as Miyako Taromaru, Sayaka Ohara as Uraka Hanesaki, Mariya Ise as Conny Christensen, Ai Kayano as Yuika Shiwahime, Asami Shimoda as Kaoruko Serigaya, and Arisa Sakuraba as Nozomi Ishizawa. In addition singer, Yurika will appear as the opening song carrier in this anime, while for the closing song will be sung by Yuiko Ohara.
Manga Hanebad! tells the story of Ayano Hanesaki, who is a student of Kanagawa High School. He has great badminton skills and can outperform anyone, but he instead shies away from the sport. Then he meets a brother of his class, Nagisa Aragaki, who has a dream to become the best badminton player in Japan and makes him motivated to return to play badminton. With the support of his coach Tachibana Kentarou and his club counterparts, as well as being challenged by his rivals, his exciting and thrilling youth begins.

Manga Hanebad! began to be published by Kodansha since the year 2013 ago, until now his manga series has been published up to the last twelfth volume released on March 7, and a novel written by Yuichi Mochizuki and illustrations drawings were done directly by the mangaka Hamada will be issued by Kondasha on June 29th.
source: Moca-News