Yoshihiko Kuroiwa, Mangaka of Zenki Died

Wife of mangaka Yoshihiro Kuroiwa announced in her blog on Wednesday that Kuroiwa had died of a heart attack on 8 May. His family has also held a funeral for him. Kuroiwa's wife explained that the announcement was not done sooner because of the sudden onset.

Kuroiwa is known from one of his works, Kishin Doji Zenki, whom he made in collaboration with Kikuhide Tani who made his story. The manga was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1992 to 1996. The manga has also been adapted into an episode 51 episode produced by Studio Deen in 1995, also an OVA that was released in 1997.

Kuroiwa also drew manga spin-off Macross Frontier: Cho Jiku Uta-Miko Ranka in 2008. He also drew a Buddy Spirits manga whose story was made by Miyuki Kishimoto in 2013-2014.

Later, he also launched the Amaterasu Otomegami manga on the Z-manga website of Home-sha in April 2017, and the manga is not finished yet. The manga last published its 13th chapter, and the website where it is being authorized is considering showing an unfinished chapter 14 along with Kuroiwa's latest ideas if his family allows.

source: natalie.mu

featured image: natalie.mu