Welcome the Summer, No.S Project Launches Sailor-themed Sexy Bikini

Shown with a bikini or sailor-themed beach clothes does not mean making the wearer exactly so it looks not sexy, maybe that's one reason why No. S Project re-releases it for the summer of this year, but with a different design. Last year, the famous Japanese fashion label also released a very popular sailor bikini suit to sell out, even in just two days since it was launched by them.

To welcome the summer, where people flocked to the shore, the company's designers no. S has also launched their latest creations to play on the waves and in the sand, which again is inspired by the sailor uniform. Unlike the product that was launched in the previous summer, this year their new bathing suit is actually in one-piece design, and is named Sailor Beachwear One-piece.

Although officially called Sailor Beachwear One-piece, a complete set actually consists of two outfits, the outer layer is like most bathing suits, plus a pair of panties strapped as a coat, but both are designed like a sailor uniform. The combination of the lower end of the short swimsuit, with its separate bikini, creates a slight appeal different from before, reinforced by a line pattern that mimics the popular underwear of young girls in Japan.

At the back, designer No. S Project makes the skin of the upper and lower backs of its users open, but they also retain the collar part that characterizes the sailor uniform. This swimsuit is also fitting and looks feminine especially on the waist the user, by providing a fold on the line skirt and dress, giving the body look like an anime character.

Sailor Beachwear One-piece is available in two different designs, now all can be ordered at no. S Project and sold for 17,820 yen, with deliveries scheduled for late June, to coincide with the end of the Japanese rainy season. Previously, Mocolle fashion brand has also launched a ninja-style women's swimwear named Kunoichi Mizugi to welcome the summer of this year.

featured images: NO.S PROJECT

source: NO.S Project