Visit Atami Castle Providing Special Areas for Visitors 18 and above

Atami (熱 海市 Atami-shi) is a city located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Located at the eastern end of Shizuoka Prefecture on the northern tip of the Izu Peninsula. The city is on a steep slope of a volcanic caldera submerged in some edges of Sagami Bay.

The name "Atami" literally means "hot sea," which refers to the famous city's onsen hot springs. Most of the city is located within Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. In addition to the famous onsen, it turns out that this city is also famous for the culture onsen geisha. Onsen geisha (温泉芸 者) is a term that refers to a Japanese geisha working in a resort or small town of onsen (hot water). This term has a negative connotation in the sense that the term has become synonymous with prostitutes.

Not only famous for its "hot springs", it turns out the city is also famous for other "hot" things. If you intend to visit the Atami castle on the cliff, you will find interesting things. One is the Atami Adult Museum which is right at the cable car station that takes you to the castle.

The exterior and interior of the museum are quite interesting, where you can see the male genital statue becomes a decoration. Not only that, a variety of erotic images were plastered clearly without any cover-up. Various kinds of pornography and sex toys to be exhibited in this museum.

Not quite up here, the appearance of the mediocre atami castle turned out to have other things that are quite astounding. On some floors of the castle, we will feel like visiting the Japanese castle with various things related to history in Japan, you can also feel the weight of katana owned by samurai 

The most unique thing about this castle is there is one floor that has a special area for visitors aged 18 years and over. And when you enter this room, you will be surprised by the pornographic pictures and paintings scattered in Japan in the past. So it can be concluded that pornography in Japan has been widespread long before the Meiji restoration was done.

Another interesting point from Atami is that you can visit the Trick Art museum which is next to the castle. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of beautiful scenery featuring beautiful and clean Japanese beaches.

When visiting there, do not forget to buy a unique gift from Atami castle huh! They sell a variety of unique souvenirs such as towels that will change the picture when exposed to hot water!

featured images: jpnstation