This Cosplayer Spend 7 Million Yen For Plastic Surgery and Here's The Result

Cosplay is about making yourself look like someone else. With that understanding, you might not be so surprised to learn that cosplayer and Twitter user @ meiji1111111 do not look exactly like the photos that they have uploaded. Not just make-up, contact lenses, and properties that change it, but it turns out she has done plastic surgery to get the face she wants.

@meiji1111111 has recently publicly tweeted about her extensive plastic surgery, she said that her plastic surgery costs have reached over seven million yen. Unlike some other cosplayer, @ meiji1111111 does not try to replicate the face of certain characters, but only get the desired facial features.

She described his current face as Version 3, she also uploaded a photo that looked like his real face before performing the operation.

She also uploaded some photos related to the pre and post-operation she has done.

Not only that, he also gives details of photos based on time like 2 weeks after surgery, 1 month after surgery and so on.

@meiji1111111 recognizes that not everyone approves plastic surgery. However, she argues that instead of spending a lifetime confined to home, she prefers to change his appearance and restore his confidence. She said that she did not change his face drastically, but she has brought a sense of self-confidence.

@meiji1111111 does not depend on operation only. She also started a new diet and exercise strategy, such as eating salads, soups, and yogurt, plus daily exercise. Thanks to diet and exercise, he managed to lose weight as much as 12 pounds. And now this is his latest appearance:

source: Twitter @Meiji1111111 via Jin

featured images: Twitter @Meiji1111111