These are The Unique and Meaningful Japanese Baby Names

The previous article, list the names of Japanese baby boy

Here is a list of Japanese baby girl names and their meanings

AKI = Born in autumn.

AKINA = Spring Flower.

YOU = Family.

AI = Love.

AIKA = Love song.

AIKO = Child's love.

AIMI = the beauty of love.

AKANE = Red brilliant.

AKEMI = Beauty, bright.

AKIKO = Autumn / smart child / child sparkles.

AMATERASU = Shines above the sky. This is the name of the sun goddess of the sky in Japanese mythology.

AMAYA = Rainy night.

ARISU = Alice shape Japanese Japanese, meaning noble.

ASAMI = Morning Beauty.

ASUKA = aroma.

ATSUKO = child of warmth.

AVARON = Japanese-shaped Celtic Avalon, meaning apple island.

AYA = Colorful or design.

AYAKA = Flowers or color-petal.

AYAKO = Color or design-child.

AYAME = Flowers irises.

AYANO = My color or my design.

AYUMI = Step, walk.

AZUMI = Stay safe.

BUNKO = Children of literature.

CHIASA = One thousand in the morning.

CHIE = Wisdom.

CHIEKO = Wise child.

CHIHARU = A thousand springs.

CHIKA = Flowers scattered.

CHIKAKO = Very fragrant child.

CHINATSU = A thousand summers.

CHIYO = A thousand generations.

CHIYOKO = Son of a thousand generations.

CHO = Japanese Chou spelling variant, which means butterfly.

CHOU = Butterflies

EIKO = long life or great child.

EMI = Beautiful blessings or beautiful pictures.

EMIKO = Beautiful or child smile.

ERI = Blessed, gift.

ETSUKO = A cheerful, happy child.

FUMIKO = precious beauty.

GINA = Silvery.

HANA = Favorites or flowers.

HANAKO = Interest.

HARUKA = Distance.

HARUKI = Spring tree.

HARUKO = Child born in spring.

HARUMI = Spring Beauty.

HIDEKO = Great kid.

HIKARI = The Feminine form of Hikaru, which means light.

HIROKO = Children, prosperous children, or generous children.

HIROMI = Beauty is abundant, or beauty is accompanied generously.

HISAKO = Children live long.

HITOMI = Pupil eyes, given to the girls with beautiful eyes.

HOSHI = Star.

HOTARU = Fireflies.

IZANAMI = from Japanese myth, meaning exciting woman.

IZUMI = Water fountain.

JUNKO = Obedient or pure child.

KAME = Kura (long life symbol).

KAMEKO = Japanese Kamiko spelling variant, which means superior child.

KAMEYO = Tortoise (long life symbol).

KAMIKO = Superior child.

KAORI = Aroma weave.

KAORU = Perfume.


KATSUMI = Beauty, win.

KAYO = Beautiful generation / increase.

KAZUE = Branch; first blessings; harmonious.

KAZUKO = Harmonious/peaceful or only child.

KAZUMI = A harmonious beauty.

KEI = Blessed, lucky, happy.

KEIKO = Blessed, lucky boy, happy child.

KIKU = Chrysanthemum.

KIMI = Short form of Kimi's name, meaning honorable, noble.

KIMIKO = Empress, or a noble child.

KIYOKO = Pure sincere child.

KIYOMI = pure beauty.

KOTONE = Harp sound.

KUMIKO = Beautiful child.

KYOKO = Child city.

Name = Japanese Girl Name Meaning.

MAI = Dance.

MAIKO = Dancing.

MAKI = Hope, valuable, or big wooden tree.

WHERE = Love, love.

MANAMI = Beauty, love affection or sea.

MARI = The Japanese form of the name Mary, which means stubborn.

MARIKO = Son from the village.

MASAKO = An elegant child or a developing child.

MASAMI = Beauty is elegant.

MASUYO = World benefit.

MAYUMI = Bow (archery).

MEGUMI = Blessing.

MI = Beauty.

MICHIKO = Son of wise and also beautiful.

MIDORY = Green

MIEKO = blessed with beautiful children

MIHO = Beautiful warranty or beautiful sail.

Mika = Beautiful aroma.

MIKI = Beautiful princess, beautiful tree, or priceless beauty.

MINAKO = Beautiful child.

MISAKI = Beauty that grows bloom.

MITSUKO = Light shines

MIWA = Beauty, harmony, beauty, ring/wheel, three, harmony, or three.

MIYAKO = Beautiful child.

MIYOKO = Generation of beautiful children.

MIYUKI = Beautiful luck/happiness, beautiful snow, or heavy snow.

MIZUKI = Beautiful month.

MOE = Beginner.

MOMO = Peach.

MOMOE = Hundreds of blessings.

MOMOKO = Peach.

MORIKO = forest.

NANA = Seven.

NAOKO = Good Child or Dear Child.

NAOMI = Above all; beauty.

NATSUKO = child born in summer or summer.

NATSUMI = Beauty in summer.

NOBUKO = Loyal child.

NORIKO = Child or child law example.

RAN = Lily or orchid.

REI = Bel, or pretty, spirit.

REIKO = Beautiful child.

REN = Waterlilies.

RIE = Rewarded, blessing.

RIKA = Appreciated, aroma.

RIKO = Jasmine.

RIN = Cold, dignified.

RYOKO = Bright or refreshing child.

SACHIKO = Happy child.

SAKI = Bloom.

SAKIKO = The blooming child, the previous child.

SAKURA = Flower cherry.

SANGO = Coral.

SAYURI = Lily.

SETSUKO = Medium child.

SHIGEKO = A fertile child.

SHIKA = Deer.

SHINJU = Pearl.

SHIORI = Poetry; weave.

SHIZUKA = Calm down.

SHIZUKO = Calm child.

SUMIKO = Clear / child with sincere thoughts.

SUSUMU = Forward.

SUZU = Bel.

SUZUME = Birds.

Name = Japanese Girl Name Meaning.

TAKAKO = Righteous child, noble child, or honorable child.

TAKARA = Treasure.

TAMIKO = Children's people.

TERUKO = A shining child.

TOMIKO = The lucky and wealthy child.

TOMOKO = Child-friendly, and wise child.

TOSHIKO = Smart child.

TSUKIKO = Child of the month.

UME = Grows and blooms.

UMEKO = Child growing and blooming.

USAGI = Rabbit.

Name = Japanese Girl Name Meaning.

YASU = Child firm.

YASUKO = Child of peace.

YOKO = Foreign / sea children and bright.

YOSHIE = Beautiful river, grace.

YOSHIKO = Favorite child, fragrant child.

YUKA = Causes.

YUKIKO = Children rare.

YUKO = Child of love, child vacation.

YUMI = Short form of the name Yumi-, meaning beauty-cause.

YUMIKO = Causes-beauty-child.

YURIKO = perfect child.

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