These are The Unique and Meaningful Japanese Baby Names

If you are looking for a unique and interesting baby name then the following baby names from Japan can be considered. The following list of baby names in Japanese is a unique syllable list in Japanese with meaningful meaning, perfect for baby names for your newborn child.

When you give a name to a baby, you should consider what the name and meaning of the word mean because the name attached to this child will be brought until he is a big one. The selection of the name for the child is important and should be chosen which meaning is beautiful and wise because that meaning could be the fortune of the fate and personality of a child when he is big.

As for the article this time the name of the baby boys and Japanese women that comes from the choice of nouns, adjectives, and descriptions with masculine meaning that is very suitable pinned on the full name of your baby boy. Surely the following names are also quite familiar to those of you who love a variety of things about the country and Japanese culture, where many Japanese celebrities and artists are using it.

Well, if you're looking for a nuanced Japanese name because you're happy with the addition of one of the family members who are handsome or beautiful, please listen to some of the lists of unique and modern Japanese baby boys and girls following as inspiration and reference naming for the fruit your heart

List of Japanese Baby Boy Names

AKEMI = Dusk Day.

AKENO = shining bright field.

AKIHIKO = A bright prince cheerful.

AKIHIRO = Great glory.

AKIO = A noble hero or a noble person.

AKIRA = Smart.

ARATA = New.

ATSUSHI = Diligent.

BENJIRO = Peace.

CHIKO = Arrow.

CHIO = Long life.

CHO = butterfly.

DAI = Large, spacious.

DAICHI = Great field or wisdom.

DAIKI = Great glory, glorious or strong tree.

DAISUKE = Great Helper.

EIJI = Immortality, good, for the second child, prosperity.

FUMIO = Children / scientific literature.

GORO = Variation of Japanese Gorou spelling, meaning fifth child.

GOROU = Fifth Son.

HACHIRO = Eighth son.

HAJIME = Initial.

HARUO = Spring man.

HIDEAKI = Shine prime; extraordinary brightness.

HEEK = Great opportunity.

HIDEO = Great guy.

HIROAKI = Broad Brightness.

HIROKI = Abundant joy / strength.

HIROSHI = Generous, tolerant, or prosperous.

HIROYUKI = Widespread happiness.

HISAO = Men live long.

HISASHI = Long life.

HITOSHI = Quiet character; level.

HOTAKA = The Japanese name, probably meaning step by step, comes from the name of the highest peak in Japan - the Alps

ICHIRO = Japanese spelling variation Ichirou, meaning first child.

ICHIROU = The first child.

ISAMU = Courage.

ISAO = Honor; merit.

IWAO = Human stone.

IZANAGI = Japanese mythology: Izanami's husband's name, which means the man who invites.

JIRO = Japanese spelling variation Jirou, means the second son.

JIROU = second son.

JUNICHI = Obedient one.

JURO = Japanese spelling variation Jurou, meaning the tenth son.

JUROU = Tenth son.

KATASHI = Assertiveness.

KATSU = Victory.

CATSUMI = Self-Control.

KATSUO = Children who always win.

KATSURO = The son of victory.

KAZUHIKO = The harmonious prince.

KAZUHIRO = One prosperous.

KAZUKI = A harmonious hope, or one / first shine.

KAZUO = The first harmonious man or man.

KEI = Blessed, lucky, wise.

KEIICHI = Square jewelry for the first son.

KEIJI = second son.

KEN = Healthy, strong or simple, or learning.

KENICHI = Health first, or first learning.

KENJI = A healthy second child or a second child studying.

KENSHIN = The simple truth.

KENTA = Healthy / strong and big / fat.

KICHIRO = Kichirou Japanese spelling variation, which means lucky boy.

KICHIROU = Lucky boy.

KIOSHI = Japanese spelling variation Kiyoshi, meaning pure.


KOICHI = Light/shine for the first child.

KOJI = Light shines for the second child.

KUNIO = Countryman.

KURO = Japanese Kurou spelling variation, meaning the ninth child.

KUROU = The ninth child.

MAMORU = Protector.

MANABU = Learning.

MASAAKI = Brightness is true.

MASAHIKO = Only the prince.

MASAHIRO = Justice is prosperous.

MASAKI = Tree develops.

MASANORI = Model of justice.

MASAO = The righteous.


MASASHI = Elegant, beautiful.

MASATO = The righteous.

MASAYOSHI = Goodness flourishes.

MASAYUKI = Happiness is right.

MICHIO = Male on the right path

MIKIO = Tree trunk.

MINORU = Truth.

MITSUO = Son of the series.

NOBORU = Up; climbing.

NOBU IMAN = Or extend, extend.

NOBUO = Loyal man.

NOBUYUKI = Faithful of happiness.

NORIO = Legal person.

OROCHI = Big snake. In mythology, an eight-legged snake that demands the sacrifice of a virgin.

OSAMU = Chronicle, discipline, logical, ruler.

RAI = Trust, confidence.

RAIDEN: The Japanese mythical name is fixed on the god of thunder and lightning.

REI = Law.

REN = Relationships.

ROKURO = Sixth child.

RYOTA = Fat, strong.

RYUU = Spirit of the dragon.

SABURO = Third child.

SADAO = Men determine.

SATORU = Dawn, enlightened, fast learning, knowledge, perceptive, persuasive, wise.

SATOSHI = Clear-think; intelligent; wise.

SEIICHI = First smooth (child).

SEIJI = Fine second (child).

SHICHIRO = Seventh child.

SHIGEO = Luxury man.

SHIGERU = Forward; luxury.

SHIN = Progress, trust, man, heart, humble, new, progressive.

SHIN'ICHI = Right first (son).

SHINJI = second son.

SHIRO = fourth son.

SHO = Fly, for flying or wind instruments.

SHOICHI = Soaring for the first son.

SHOJI = Soaring for the second son.

SHOU = Spelling variation from Japanese Sho, meaning fly, soar.

SHUICHI = Master / first son study.

SHUJI = Master/study for the second son.

SUSUMU = Forward.

TADAO = Loyal man.

TADASHI = True or true.

TAKAHIRO = Noble-Prosperous.

TAKAO = Hero respect / man.

TAKASHI = Elevated; commendable.

TAKAYUKI = Move to altitude.

TAKEHIKO = Hero of the prince, or the prince of the mountain.

TAKEO = Brave man, or male violence / soldier.

TAKESHI = Fierce, violent, then a soldier.

TAKUMI = Sticky, artisan, or skilled.

TALAS = Firstborn. This is usually given to the birth of the first child.

TAMOTSU = Defender, Protector.

TATSUO = Drag man, distant man, or imperial man.

TATSUYA = Dragon-assured.

TERUO = Son of a series.

TETSUO = Wise hero or wise man.

TETSUYA = Wisely- (suffering?).

TOMIO = A valuable person.

TORU = Penetration; traveler.

TOSHI = Be alert, smart, smart.

TOSHIAKI = Bright and alert, smart and smart, and bright and happy.

TOSHIO = A smart guy.

TOSHIYUKI = Smart and happy.

TSUNEO = Hero or eternal human being.

TSUTOMU = Worker.

TSUYOSHI = Brave, brave.

YASUHIRO = Calm and relaxed, quietest, most honorable, and abundant in serenity.

YASUO = Healthy man.

YASUSHI = Calm, quiet.

YOICHI = tease, pride, and participate for the first son.

YOSHIAKI = Clear / obvious.

YOSHIHIRO = Large / Extensive truth / broad.

YOSHIKAZU = Quantity correct, good addition.

YOSHINORI = The correct rule / law.

YOSHIO = Awesome / noble warrior, and good man.

YOSHIRO = Right child / man, good boy / person.

YOSHITO = The righteous, the good man, and the real man.

YOSHIYUKI = Right to go/walk, love to go/walk, and original-ever-eternal.

YUICHI = Abundant/rich first (son), and dare for the first child.

YUJI = Dare for the second child.

YUKIO = Hero, happy.

YUTAKA = Abundant, prosperous, rich.

YUU = Higher, superior.