Survey Reveals That More Than Half Japanese Women Do not Wear a Bra At Home

It is not unusual for people in the cherry country to come up with a striking fashion style, including in the case of swimwear to underwear though. Some local fashion brands such as Mocolle, Isetan, No. S Project has even unveiled unique bikini designs to welcome this year's summer like ninja-style swimwear, up to Sailor themed. Then diving with the affairs of underwear, local designers also often create something unique for this one thing, but unfortunately in the eyes of Japanese women bra will not seem as popular as a bikini.

The reason, a large number of Japanese women did not use these objects when they are in the house. It was known after one site called J-Cast News on March 14 and April 27 yesterday, asked the women whether they wear a bra at home. The poll received 4311 responses and found that fewer than half of the women who participated in the survey were always wearing underwear at home.

Beautiful actress Manami Hashimoto is one of the respondents who says that she is not wearing a bra at home. As many as 45 percents of women surveyed said they always took off their bra when at home, with 11.4 percent saying they sometimes do so. But they did not ask why, but comfort was probably the strongest reason why Japanese women took it off when they were at home.

Meanwhile, 10.6 percent of other women who participated in the poll said that when they relax at home, they really do not wear a single thread. Just like Manami, the beautiful actress, and former idol group member AKB48, Rina Kawaei also answered the survey as part of the demography no bra at home.

Previous Rakuten Infoseek Woman site has also revealed some differences of opinion about the taste of women's underwear according to the men and women by holding a poll. They asked the men and women to determine their favorite women's underwear, such as the color and the model of a pair of underwear.

source: otakomu

featured image: pakutaso