Japanese Artist Changing Objects to The Amazing Diorama Miniature of Dragon Ball

Are you a fan of the Dragon Ball manga or anime series? Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya, known for his work in making miniature dioramas of objects around, also often features Akira Toriyama's manga characters as objects. As a person who has been in this world since 2011 ago, not surprising if the results were seen no less amazing than his other works.

Since it was uploaded on March 19th, Goku's character photo has received many comments that mostly complement the warrant, and more than 80 thousand users of social networking Instagram liked his work. In addition, there are other photographs that also feature Dragon Ball diorama, as below!

Photos when the Goku character is in Super Saiyan mode, for example, Tatsuya only uses the action figure of the character placed on the gas stove with blue fire. Although it looks simple, the results of his work are uploaded to the Instagram personal account, @ tatsuya_tanaka otherwise get a lot of praise from people.

Of course, the photo above is not taken from the Dragon Ball anime series pieces, but some small action figures placed on certain items before being photographed, which is actually very easy to make. Tanaka Tatsuya even managed to make the soap container as a Kinto cloud that was boarded by a small Goku and made the foam as a cloud. Not just creative, but the imagination in photographing the small objects is really very worthy of thumbs up. He can see an object from a different perspective from a person of virtue and of course, the result is, of course, unique, where Tanaka Tatsuya manages to create a diorama photograph depicting as if there were a small human being living around us. Tanaka uploaded photos of his works in an Instagram account belonging to which now has more than one million followers, so please visit his Instagram if you are curious to see another amazing diorama.

source: Tanaka Tatsuya's Instagram