Here are A Variety of International Soda Drinks With Unique Flavors that Can Be Sold in Japan!

Summer in Japan is a time when thirst release is needed, one of them with cold drinks. Recently Coca Cola Company has just launched Sprite Cucumber in the UK and Russia. The flavor variant retains the original lemon and lime sprite flavor by adding a bit of cucumber to add fresh flavor.

But did you know that the drink is a fizzy soda drink in the country? The proof is a few tweets below
According to Coca Cola, the maker of Sprite, said they were inspired by cucumber water which is a very popular drink in cafes and restaurants, especially in summer. However, no one has produced this as a soft drink.

Previously Pepsi Cucumber was launched in Japan in the midst of the not so great fanfare. It feels really like a real Japanese cucumber that tastes sweeter than an ordinary cucumber. The presence of Sprite flavored cucumber, causing Japanese consumers to reminisce with the unique soda drinks ever sold in Japan.
Some of these soda drinks are:

Coca Cola:
  • Coca-Cola Lemon
  • Coca-Cola Lime
  • Coco-Cola Orange
  • Cherry Coke
  • Coca-Cola Life

  • Pepsi Christmas
  • Pepsi Sakura
  • Pepsi Ghost
  • Pepsi White
  • Pepsi Pink
  • Pepsi Strong
  • Lemon & Mint Pepsi
  • Pepsi Salted Watermelon
  • Pepsi Shiso
  • Pepsi Cucumber
  • Pepsi Chestnut
  • Pepsi Blue
  • Pepsi Red
  • Pepsi Caribbean Gold
  • Pepsi Blue Hawaii
  • Pepsi Baobab
  • Pepsi X
  • Pepsi Carniva
Japan is famous for its uniqueness while making beverage producers to compete to make the latest taste innovations. What do you think? What sense do you want to try?

featured image: The Spin Off 

source: Soranews24